Sinning and Living in Sin

I think people should be able to do whatever they want to do. but when you ask what does God say it has nothing to do with what I think.

I think people should be able to do whatever they want to do. but we need to know that whatever we want to do won't lead us to where we want to go.

I think people should be able to do whatever they want to do... we do have free will... but jumping off a roof will still kill you.

following our lusty desires is going to destroy a lot of us.

I'd like to call my ex and give her a baby right now or look at some big booty porn but following my lust leads me down the wrong path.

we keep saying "we all sin" yes but listen... there's a difference between sinning and living in sin.

sinning is human nature, living in sin is a lifestyle choice.

sin means to miss the mark... living in sin is living in separation from God. sin is not about doing right or wrong. that's religion.

relationship says we need to reconnect back to God, which is what Jesus is for. religion says try on your own. but we can't.

being saved is like having a warranty. it's not a license to sin. you won't crack your phone screen on purpose but you're covered.

because guess what... it's not about religion... and both the religious ppl in church and the ones outside looking in are being tricked.

God never said be sinless... he said be blameless.

we need to know what God actually says before we incorrectly defend or attack his word.

don't you dislike when someone said they heard something you said that you didn't even say?

being sinless is impossible... God never said that... being blameless is the goal... meaning, I'm not living a lifestyle apart from him.

there are so many broken ppl on earth right now, because we are separated from God. that's the consequence on earth. and after that, well...

there are two very real places... heaven and hell.

hell is eternal separation from God. and no, he does not send ppl there. what he does is, he doesn't force you to be with him in heaven.

and hell isn't some hot summer day... it's more than fire... it's flesh being torn off your body...
it's limbs broken... maggots eating you.

and heaven is not a church service. I also hate when religious ppl water it down because they make it seem like a place I don't want to go.

heaven has food, heaven has colors that don't exist on earth... heaven is a city, we will have bodies.

if you really do your research you will see that ppl all over the world in every belief system and culture outside of christianity, including former atheists... have had near death or clinical death experiences that all match up...

there's no way thousands of ppl over hundreds of years all over the world keep talking about the same two places in the same way...

heaven and hell.

atheist dies and meets Jesus:

atheist dies and tries not to slip into hell:

lady sees heaven and spends 30 nights in hell:

atheist dies, placed on morgue slab, sees heaven and hell: