Powdered Donut Procrastination

Procrastination is a dangerous thing... it is quite sneaky. I should have written this blog earlier, but I'm procrastinating right this very moment, eating powdered donuts, for no reason.

Do you find yourself putting things off and prolonging them? Why do we do this?

Procrastination can be a variety of things... that I've discovered in my own life.

Laziness: this is one is pretty easy. This was me when I was younger. Your mom says clean the bathroom or wash the dishes and you just didn't feel like doing it so you listened to a song or watched a little bit more tv until you attempted the assignment.

Nonchalance: this was me when it came to stupid homework. There was homework that just didn't benefit anyone... yall knew the teacher assigned it just to assign it. I didn't care about homework like that... I put it off until the morning it was because it was stupid.

Distractions: it is a strong possibility that you are just distracted by something or someone, and it is not an internal issue. Maybe you like to party way too much and you never get real things done. Maybe, like me, you are distracted by someone from your past. Maybe you are distracted by someone in your present... you spend all day talking to them but when you go to sleep, you've gotten nothing of significance accomplished.

Boredom: you might be in an environment that is not challenging to you. I'll use homework again, but homework that may have been important but it was too easy, so you kept putting it off to do something more exciting. This was me a lot. You might have to seek more advanced classes, or if not, remember the bigger picture and that it won't always be this way. In the broader sense, look for more challenges to take on.

Slothfulness: ohhh I'm shaking the table. This is me now. This is not laziness. What is the difference? Well, you could be busy doing school work, or at work, or even work for other people but you are putting off work that benefits your own life. You are living but you aren't truly living life... and why is this? Here are some factors below...

Fear: You might fear failure. The best of the best fail sometimes, so don't worry about that.

Perfectionism: you might not want to start anything because you don't want to unless it's perfect. You have to remember that virtually nothing truly of substance starts off perfect. You have to build from somewhere. This is me a lot. 

Doubt: you might not know who you are yet. You might not know that you have an enormous arsenal of gifts and talents... so you don't use them yet. You do, so get to it.

Pride: ohhh what is this. Pride? Many people don't think of this... but not wanting people to see you fail, and wanting things to be perfect... can be a form of pride. Pride comes before the fall. We must humble ourselves to truly succeed in life.

Bottom line: stay focused. keep pushing.

Keep pushing.

I didn't even spellcheck this because I didn't want to procrastinate any longer and just wanted to drop this like a mixtape.

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