Our Days Are Numbered.

You won’t be on this earth forever; what are you doing with your life? Why are you doing what you’re doing with your life? Why aren’t you doing what you could be doing with your life? Have you ever thought about these questions?

Psalm 90:12 (The Passion Translation)
Help us to remember that our days are numbered,
    and help us to interpret our lives correctly.
    Set your wisdom deeply in our hearts
    so that we may accept your correction.

The fact that this verse says we need wisdom from God lets us know that if we live our life separated from his guidance, we are sure to miss the meaning of our own life, and life itself.

It’s very easy to let time pass by, which is why we need to be reminded that the life we live on this earth is on a time clock as soon as we are born.

Since it’s October 1st and officially spooky season, let me remind you that each day of your life you are closer to physical death. Will your life mean something at the end of it all?

Wasted time happens, and God can restore your lost time because he is the one who created time and he is not bound by time, but we need to learn how to make better use of our time.

The enemy loves to steal. One of the things he loves to steal is time. We chase things that don’t matter. We go after goals that add no real value to anyone else’s life but our own, making us feel accomplished in the beginning, but useless in the end. We try to help everyone else but never take care of ourselves, which drains us and lessens our impact. We chase after people who are not designed for our lives, and we keep people around who no longer fit into our destiny. We oversleep, lounge around too long, procrastinate, scroll, click, and binge all day long. These and many more are all time wasters.

We need to learn to balance the things in our lives: family, friends, work, school, entertainment, leisure, fun, relationships, social media, video games, etc.

Most importantly, we need to make time for God. The more we do this, the more he can reveal what he has put in us and what our life is for. He always wants to show you, but he can’t show you as much if you are too distracted. So when you are focused and balanced, things become clearer. Things that don’t matter won’t matter to you anymore. People who don’t fit into your destiny will no longer be desirable. The right people will come along. The right opportunities will come along. In the midst of trials and tribulations, you will not let anxiety and worry take control; you will be able to see the big picture through the eyes of the Lord and be at peace.

Your days will be more and more meaningful. You will walk into your purpose. At the end of your life, God will say “well done.”