Forbidden Fruit.

We get so shocked when famous couples divorce or split up. Why are we so surprised? We say things like, "but she's beautiful! He's so cute! I don't understand!"

Too many of us are in love with the image. That's why our lives don't look like what we like to look at because we don't see behind closed doors. We don't see personalities clashing privately, we don't see the arguments, we don't see the natural fact that nothing is perfect. We forget that.

We're so focused on looks and appearance... we see the fruit on the tree and we want that, but we don't desire the root foundation. Many times we don't desire the root foundation because a lot of celebrities that go and get married swiftly only did it for a pretty face and/or publicity, so the right model hasn't even been set for people to look at and desire.

The fruit looks good. Not all fruit is good for you.

Fruit can fall off of trees... and some fruit, eaten incorrectly, are even poisonous... that's the beauty we're so focused on. We're focused on the fruit we see that may soon fall from the tree, we're focused on the poisonous fruit that looks good, but is not good for us. Forbidden fruit. It's not beneficial to our own growth.

A lot of us don't have what it takes to stand firm in the dirt. Roots. We need to have roots. We need to grow and develop into someone that someone else would desire first. From the inside, not just outside appearance, selfies, pictures... that won't keep anyone, as we see obviously.

Then when we do find someone it needs to be someone we are good with... not just someone we look good with.

It's simple. We put too much focus on appearance, what celebs look like, and them smiling in photos looking happy... and our life isn't better yet. Math. Let's do the math.

You have the ability to be someone people admire. You don't need to live your life vicariously through celebrities. I encourage us all to think and grow.