Everything is Cyclical.

One thing Ayesha Curry, Beyonce and Kim Kardashian all have in common, despite the range of sex appeal: they support their man. That's why you're single.

Notice how men have a wide range of preferences but one thing matters in the end, support. Ayesha or Kim K, clothes or no clothes, support.

We have so many women out here saying they want a man, but you don't know how to support a man. That's why you don't have or can keep a man.

And men are supposed to support women too. However, yall need it in a different way; you need affection and a man who listens.

There's really no need to argue. Look at the evidence. Clothes or no clothes, supportive women are happily married. Ayesha, Kim. You're not.

And men who don't truly care about women are still trying to find an Ayesha Curry but will not.

Everything is cyclical.

That's why we have all these male singers singing about "love" but are getting older and older, still single and unhappy. You're lusty.

You don't know how to really show a woman affection. You're lusty; kids by multiple women and you're lusty, sad inside.

Man or woman, most of us don't love ourselves. that's why you can't find true love with someone else yet.

If you don't love yourself you won't know how to respect someone else. That's why seeing people who love themselves angers you.

You don't love yourself and the thought of someone else loving themselves is puzzling, foreign, enraging yet inspiring to you.

You may love what you look like but you don't love yourself. You don't love the person you are.

Take some time out for yourself, figure out who you are, what you're good at, what you were made to do, learn how to love yourself.