Take An L.

Making blanket statements about the opposite sex based upon your own negative relationships might be a sign that you can't take an L.

"All men are dogs" or "all women are hoes" no, that's just what you attract and/or accept.

We are what we attract. Now see, behaviors manifest differently because we're all different, but it's the same. You are the common denominator.

Like I've always attracted very sexual girls. We are what we attract. Now a couple of them cheated, but the base is the same; we were all lusty.

I can't say "well all girls are cheaters" because that's not true. I just attracted lusty because I was lusty and some of the girls I dated couldn't control it outside of our relationship.

I've also always attracted very angry women. I'm angry. We all show anger differently. I can't say "all women are crazy"; it's also in me.

What and who you are as a person, you will attract someone like you or someone who recognizes and takes advantage of what they sense.

So if you say "all men" this or "all women" that, realize you need to take a step back and look at yourself, because it's not true.

With 7 billion people on this planet, I doubt you are wise if you can make a blanket statement about the negativity of the opposite sex relationally.

This is what it is. you're hurt. maybe even prideful. What? You mean there's actually something I need to fix in me? Impossible.

Learn how to take an L... which is really a victory if you learn from it.

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