Cookie Cutter Christianity.

Let's just cut right to the chase: why are there so many weak christians? Now, I'm not referring to new believers. I'm not referring to people who are genuinely trying to grow in their faith. I'm not talking about people who don't know where to go next. I'm talking about complacent christians who are intimidated by people who have decided to walk in God's power and embrace their individuality. I'm talking about people who have been in church since Harriet Tubman was leading slaves to freedom, yet there is no freedom in your life. You don't help other people reach freedom either. I'm talking to you. 

You're real religious but you have no power.

Why don't you have any power? Because you're afraid of the supernatural. You're afraid to talk about the supernatural.

I know this from personal experience, that many people in church get real uncomfortable when you start talking about heaven and angels. If you talk about dreams and visions or anything else that doesn't have to do with them getting a new house, car or job, they get quiet. Why? We only talk about demons and hell, which is ironic because most christians don't even know how to cast out demons. It's funny because Mark 16:17 says "And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues".

They know how to speak in tongues; they know how to sha-tah hah-tah shimmy shimmy ya ya shoulda-bought-a-honda but they and the people around them are still bound. You're running around the sanctuary in circles with no power and demons are laughing at you. Have you ever seen hell? I have. I've even had a middle school girl who had no biblical reference point ask me about a dream she had of "people burning in a lake but it was fire and their skin was melting off over and over". Have you ever seen heaven? I have. It's not an all day church service like so many christians say. It's not Sunday everyday. The bible doesn't say any of that foolishness. You think heaven sounds enticing to people by the way you describe it as church all day? Please. I wouldn't go to your heaven.

2 Corinthians 12:1-6 (MSG)
You’ve forced me to talk this way, and I do it against my better judgment. But now that we’re at it, I may as well bring up the matter of visions and revelations that God gave me. For instance, I know a man who, fourteen years ago, was seized by Christ and swept in ecstasy to the heights of heaven. I really don’t know if this took place in the body or out of it; only God knows. I also know that this man was hijacked into paradise—again, whether in or out of the body, I don’t know; God knows. There he heard the unspeakable spoken, but was forbidden to tell what he heard. This is the man I want to talk about. But about myself, I’m not saying another word apart from the humiliations. If I had a mind to brag a little, I could probably do it without looking ridiculous, and I’d still be speaking plain truth all the way. But I’ll spare you. I don’t want anyone imagining me as anything other than the fool you’d encounter if you saw me on the street or heard me talk.

See, you don't preach from this gospel. You don't teach from this bible. I've seen a lot about heaven, but I digress.

Why don't we talk about these things? Why don't we ask God to see these things? Why do we never talk about angels? Who they are? Their nature? What they do? That's why people think their Aunt Mabel is watching over them as an angel now. Lack of sound doctrine. I've seen angels. A lot of people have. I know plenty of people who have experienced way more than me. Even if you don't ever see, can you recognize angelic activity? Or do you just try to "decree and declare" haphazardly? You can decree and declare and wave your hands in the air like you just don't care; angels only move by God's word, not because you huckabucked.

I'm not saying everyone is a seer or will see things, many will not or don't even want to, but at least sense God's presence in things and speak on the reality of it all instead of this "name it and claim it" baloney. It's baloney. "I set my faith in agreement" listen, if it's not on God's agenda you ain't making no noise in the heavens. Nothing angelic or demonic heard you or cares about your words just because you said "believe it and receive it".

Christians don't want to talk about the prophetic, even though all believers are called to prophesy (Acts 2:16-17). From the pit to the palace Joseph sermons get preached heavy and danced about but you don't know what your dreams mean and you can't interpret dreams for other people. But everyone is Joseph. Okay.

After Jesus came back to life, he appeared to people, and it still happens today with at least thousands of individuals. Check YouTube. If I talk about those testimonies or how I've seen him myself, though, many people in church tell me I'm "too deep". What's too deep about the person you say you believe in? You musty Pharisee you.

Jesus healed people and read the hearts and minds of people. He said if you believe in him, you will do greater things (John 14:12). Y'all aren't ready to talk about that, though. It's creepy to you. It's uncomfortable to you. You say "it don't take all that". You have no power or authority.

The Holy Spirit is a good feeling and good dance to you. We don't talk about apostles and prophets. We think evangelists are people who put it in their Facebook name. Everyone thinks they're a pastor and everyone thinks teachers are only for Sunday school.

We have all these pastor's anniversaries but people are committing suicide because apostles and prophets weren't discovered, equipped, activated, ordained and released to speak life into them. Y'all are preaching your lungs out and no one is getting healed or set free from bondage. Many ministers now are just in a money circuit, "doc". Preach preach preach but no one's heart is pierced with the prophetic. So many churches are social clubs now with no transformation in the lives of the people because there's no apostolic voice to set things straight. A mess.

You've said "that's a good word pastor" every week for years and you're still broke. You're still sick. Jesus got his flesh ripped open so you don't have to be sick. It might be your fact right now but it's not your truth in the eyes of the Lord.

I'm tired of this weak christianity. This christianity that doesn't want you to be who God made you to be, but be like everybody else. There's no transformation in your life. There's no purity, holiness, consecration or sanctification in your life and you wonder why you're struggling after being saved for 30 years.

You can't hear God's voice and you don't know how to help other people hear God's voice.

I've spoken into people's lives and they ask me am I psychic, am I clairvoyant. I say no, I'm prophetic. I've identified mysterious sicknesses in people that were later confirmed. I've walked up to complete strangers and asked them if I could tell them about their life and they were floored. I tell them it's God who knows, not me. I'm just the messenger. I've seen pregnancies in people who didn't tell anyone yet. I've seen a lot.

I'm not more special than the next person. This is supposed to be normal behavior for all followers of Christ, all. He said it.

Quite frankly, I'm bored of a lot of people in church. Christians who don't walk the walk bore me. You don't pray. You don't get in the Word. You think your bills being paid is the height of God's power. You think a degree is your ultimate destiny. Meanwhile, people are hurting in their hearts.

People are hurting in their hearts and that is what hurts me. "I'm ready for my blessing!" but you have no disciples. No one came to the kingdom because of you. You're a christian but you're still mean and nasty. You're rude to cashiers and waitresses. You're a hypocritical hippo. I can't tell you how many older men who are supposed to be role models, ignore me in church or turn their back to me when I walk up. But you plead the blood. If the Holy Spirit was truly operating in you, after 10 years you should be displaying the fruit of the Spirit on the regular (Galatians 5:22-23). You have no power. Of course there are way more great men I know, but the sour grapes shouldn't be coddled.

We have way too many christians whose main goals are to get rich and famous and party but your soul is still tortured.

Maybe you've seen people who are living questionably but seem to move in power. In those cases, God confirms his word for the sake of the people, not the person. I'll teach more on that another time.

Human beings were made for the supernatural. God is supernatural isn't he? It's common sense then. So when christians don't display the supernatural for people, they will find it somewhere. They will be enamored by voodoo priests who poke holes in people and display power from another source. They're going to light moon candles and do yoga on a bed of crystals. Buddha will get some attention. Now Mr. Shaka Zulu and Ms. Sailor Moon are giving them accurate life readings from the Fourth Quarter Pounder Zodiac and I don't blame them. I don't blame the receivers or the givers of the information.

Meanwhile, Deacon Deputy Dog says the same old dry prayer he always says.

I'm telling you what I know and what I see. I know these people personally.

I'm tired of seeing people in bondage who are hurting, running into mediocre christians who have no power or answers for them except for "have faith". Display some signs, miracles and wonders. I'm talking about people being visibly healed right in front of their eyes.

I've noticed something when it comes to christians: it's either the mature ones or the young in the faith who are hungry for the deeper things... but a large portion of those ones in the middle are so judgmental, powerless and complacent.

It's a shame how I can have a conversation with a real life witch and she understand what I'm saying while christians are telling me to be quiet.