Think About This.

Many of us don't know how or are unwilling to live outside of ourselves and our own opinions, which causes frustration in our lives.

We are selfish. We get in relationships primarily to be served, not serve. To take more than give. What can they do for me instead of what can I do for them. How'll they benefit me instead of what do I add to their life. How do they make me feel more than how do I make them feel.

We don't want to accept responsibility for our own actions. Everything is everyone else's fault.

We are a prideful people. We don't take other people's perspective into consideration.

We feel unheard. Many times, we are unheard. This is one reason why we can't just shut up in an argument. We take whatever platform is available to be heard, no matter the subject.

Pride and rejection permeate our hearts.

We have not healed from rejection. Our hearts unknowingly spew out bitterness when we talk or type.

Bitterness overtakes physical beauty.

Being handsome does not matter when it is overshadowed by haughtiness.

Pride causes us to hit a cap in life, a cap in growth. I know what I know and you can't tell me anything. You can't teach me anything. I know everything. I don't know why my life isn't where I want it to be though.

We don't take responsibility for who we are attracted to, and attract. Instead of looking on the inside of myself, I will blame everyone else. I will blame an entire demographic on my very small sampling of the entire human race on this planet containing more than 7 billion ppl.

All women are not the same. All men are not the same. All black people are not the same. All white people are not the same. All muslims are not the same. All christians are not the same. All atheists are not the same. You just haven't met the right people. It's you, not them.

Does this mean someone can't apologize on behalf of their demographic? Of course they can.

We don't really study human nature. We don't know the human heart. We don't know ourselves. This is why we get caught up in cycles.

We don't want to mature, not really. We don't want to build our character. To admit that we are not perfect, to admit that we have flaws and acknowledge them, can be too painful.

To say "I'm wrong about this", might be very difficult to say.

To admit that I don't know everything and then go out and pursue that wisdom can be a challenge.

Deep in my heart, I have desires. Do I display the character and integrity that I want in someone else?

Am I on the same level of what or who I am asking for?

Is what or who I desire to have a much better person (morally) than who I am right now?

Is my baggage holding me back?

Do I ignore red flags and then blame the other person for showing me who they were all along? Did my lust blind me? Did my lust comfort me, momentarily? Did my lust control me?

Do I ask for help?

Is it hard for me to forgive? Do I forgive people who have wronged me? Do I forgive people who have wronged others? Do I forgive people who I don't even know but I have hate in my heart towards them? Do I forgive myself?

Do I have an obsession with perfection from other people that I myself cannot produce?

Does pride rule my life?

Do I fault my parents for not living up to my expectations? Do I not realize that they gave me the best they could, even if it wasn't good enough?

Do I fault my children for the way they act, when actually they act like me?

When we become the judge over someone's actual life, that is a dangerous seat to sit in.

This does not excuse injustice. Everyone will be ultimately judged.

For many of us, the ultimate source of truth is ourselves. Ahh, that is dangerous.

When I refuse to think different, or do things different, but want a different outcome in my life, it does not make sense.

Sometimes I just need to say, I made a bad choice. When I don't admit that, it's easy for me to make similar bad choices, because the initial bad choice was not confronted with truth, even if the bad choice resulted in something good.

Life doesn't work out for a lot of people, because of choices. Choices have consequences, good or bad. Choosing to mature is a wise choice with great consequences.

We need to humble ourselves. We need humility to reign in our hearts and in our lives, or we will not experience the satisfaction we crave so much.

We need to learn how to listen more than we speak.

We need to volunteer somewhere, donate items, and find ways to give to people so we can live outside of ourselves.

We need to realize that we are not more important than anyone. We are all special.

We need to love ourselves. We need to love people.