I Am: The Divine Purpose Manifesto

This piece of writing reminds me of a vitamin: something powerful and good for you in a small package. Lenita Reeves elegantly writes in this masterpiece, simply yet powerfully entitled "I Am", about purpose. Everyone wants to know why they are here on this earth. Everyone wants to know their worth. This new release explains these things. The Divine Purpose Manifesto is very well laid out, organized, and transitions smoothly from section to section. She talks about who Jesus was and is, which leads us to get a sense of who we are. Lenita mixes the spiritual with the practical and never leaves you wondering what her point is. All throughout, the life and words of Jesus are examined along with the people in his life, as well as other biblical figures, to get a greater sense of what he went through to solidify his identity, which we all desire to do. Do you know who God says you are? I think this work can be read by anyone.