Worth Something.

we're all worth something. and no one is better than anyone else.

many of us don't even believe we are worth anything... or that we're not good enough... those are lies.

if you could only grasp the greatness in you... if you could only realize how unique you were made...

the entire package that is you, everything that makes you who you are, no one else is that.

there's a lot of ppl that have given into boredom, low self-esteem, hopelessness, bad habits, cycles of indulgence... come out of that.

don't listen to ppl who are tell you what you're not, including family members.

you don't have to wait for a new year, start now.

here is what you do...

think about what you're talented at, or what you enjoy doing, because you might be so talented you don't realize everyone else can't do it.

think about the type of ppl you influence or what area of everyday life gives you passion. or problems you see that you think about solving.

everything about you is on purpose for a purpose.

if you look at ppl who have impacted human history, from Albert Einstein to Michael Jackson to inventors, they all contributed to humanity.

what is one of the keys to life... giving back.

take what God has given you and give it back to him by sharing it with others.

gifts, talents, skills... athletics, finances, intelligence... how can you help the human race.

how can you contribute to life. start a path to that answer.

the saddest person is the one that wastes their life.

that's why there's so much division in the world... it's a plot to destroy... when ppl lose sight of the bigger picture they die inside.