Wisdom and Character.

an easy recipe for disaster... looking for someone to get to know when you (barely) know yourself.

just because you live in your body doesn't mean you know who you are.

and then some ppl know who they are but won't accept or acknowledge who they are.

we all need to grow.

deep down you know you're sneaky... you know you're manipulative... you won't find what you need if you're not even honest with yourself.

here's the thing about detrimental character flaws you try to cover up... if someone you talk to hasn't brought it up...

they're either dumb, in denial, think they can change you or only want you for something other than your personality... money, sex, etc.

you don't want a dumb person. actually, manipulative ppl do... you don't need a dumb person I should say.

you don't want someone that isn't honest with you.

you don't need someone that thinks they can change you. they might be controlling.

if someone doesn't mention a serious character flaw they see in you they might only want your money or body or something... not you.

a lot of ppl overlook serious character flaws just to get in your pants.

but you're so naive... you think you're slick... but no, it's just because they don't care about you in a deep sense.

I believe there is a point in all of our lives where we have to say "you know what, I don't know every thing"... and then you really grow.

a lot of ppl never take that route tho.

just because you're a "sweet person" doesn't mean your heart doesn't need some cleaning.

pride can kill you.

pride isn't just not wanting to ask ppl for help...

pride can be not wanting to admit you have character traits to work on.

nothing worse than someone who thinks they're too slick to be read but they actually appear as a book with no cover.

the core of my perspective right now is general life observation, and girls in my life who fail to break my brick wall of discernment.

you're intelligent... but are you wise.

I've seen the most physically attractive ppl get intimidated...

even the most physically attractive people (that try to hide things) get intimidated when they come across a person that can read them.

why are you scared? what are you hiding?

why are you nervous? what aren't you saying?

looks mean something but looks aren't everything.

spend all day on your appearance... how much time do you spend on your character.

physical growth doesn't guarantee personal growth.

too many young, intellectually mature ppl that think they can roll with the big dogs of wisdom.

I used to be someone who thought my mind could conquer any situation... but you need more than that.

working on your character allows a certain fluidity of life.

just because you can have a mature conversation with older ppl doesn't mean you can skip maturity growth.

there's a difference between intelligence and maturity, know that.

there's a difference between intelligence and wisdom, know that.

a lot of things we don't want to hear are things we need to hear.

he or she that has an ear, let them hear.

just because you have ears doesn't mean you have an ear.