Views from the Heart.

How we view certain people, heart issues, holds us back from so much that we ask or long for and don't even realize it. What makes us better than anyone? Did we give them life? Do we bleed a different fluid than others do? Can we show people how to be perfect?

Make no mistake about it, I joke everyone, including myself, but I view all humans as valuable, even if we don't act like it with our actions.

Unforgiveness will cause a lot of people to miss out on so many blessings here on earth, and an eternity in heaven after they die.

Unforgiveness is a poison.

Forgiveness doesn't mean you agree, it means you release the offense from eating away at you. We will have to forgive people that have done things to us personally, or even famous people we've never even met, in our hearts, when we disagree with their lifestyle or something they say.

There's a healthy balance that needs to happen: it's being practical, not being enablers but treating people with a redemptive heart. A redemptive heart acknowledges a person may never be right, or we may never agree, but I won't treat them like I'm perfect. A redemptive heart says, this person will always have potential until they take their last breath.

I'm telling yall, one of our biggest downfalls is looking at what's wrong with everyone else but ourselves. It's self-defeating; always looking at what's wrong with someone and not what's right, even if the benefit was an indirect learning experience.

We all need the same oxygen. We can't be so puffed up with pride that we think we're exclusive and better than anyone.

A lot of us have friends and family members we need to forgive, but that doesn't mean you need to have them in your intimate life.