The Purpose Giver.

similar to the desire for marriage, if it becomes a toxic obsession, I think the hunger to find our purpose can potentially be just as unhealthy.

keep in mind that I am a big purpose person who loves to help people discover their purpose. also keep in mind that I am looking forward to marriage myself.

with that being said, what I observe is many times we focus on finding our purpose over the Purpose Giver, God. (Psalm 139:16, Jeremiah 29:11)

we chase after things and people and neglect God. we spend less time with Him and more time with a significant other or friends and family. we spend hours at a job, hours in a class or hours working on our business and barely pray and just talk to God.

we don't go outside and just take walks with God. we don't just drive somewhere and talk to God in our cars. we don't read the Word like we should. we don't think about God when we eat. we'd rather just watch tv or something.


we never write anything down that God shows us or tells us. we don't write to Him. we don't listen to any music that brings us closer to Him. we don't draw or get creative for God.

we don't sit in silence and let the Lord just speak. we don't really want to get inside the heart of God. we don't really want to know who this Jesus is who died for us. we don't really want to know who this Holy Spirit is who was sent to help us.

but we want to know our purpose though.

for what? why do we want to know our purpose without knowing the Purpose Giver? the whole reason we have a need to know what our purpose is, is because God put it there in the first place to help other people see who He is through you.

God is not angry, God is lovingly waiting, for you.

see, it's possible for a person to fulfill parts of their purpose but still have their life mean nothing, in the end. think about all of the great inventions and innovations we have. creating is not a ticket to heaven. knowing God through Jesus is the way.

so imagine how sad it is for people who were created by God to bring innovation and inventions to the earth, which they did, but they never knew who He was, and ended up separated from Him forever.

first and foremost, our purpose is to know God and love God. (Mark 12:30)

notice how in Genesis 2:7-25, God created and formed Adam, breathed life into him, and then showed him things and gave instructions.

let God mold you and shape you first. let God breathe life into you and then your purpose will follow and it will make sense. (Matthew 6:33)

we want to know our purpose without knowing the Purpose Giver. it's like walking into a stranger's house and going in their fridge.

to love God means to walk in His ways. (1 John 5:3-5)

too many of us are dancing with the devil. we are neither hot nor cold. (Revelation 3:16)

we just don't want to give up our ways.

many of us spend way more time with satan than we realize.

God can use a cold person quicker than a lukewarm person who is double minded. (James 1:8)

before the apostle Paul was converted, he was cold. (Acts 9) God can use people like that who are on one side. people who play both sides are the ones who usually stay stuck.

I'm not saying be perfect. none of us are. but decide in your heart and in your mind whose side you will be on. (1 Kings 18:21, Joshua 24:15)

know God, and you will know yourself. know yourself, and you will know your purpose.