The Hand You're Dealt.

I love playing Spades. I think there's something we can learn from the game when it comes to life. For those of us who play or have even just watched, we know that feeling of anticipation that quickly decreases when we see our lacking hand.

The real winners understand, however, that survival mode kicks in and now you're calculating how to win with what you have.

There are moments in life when you have numerous spades, multiple aces, etc.

There are moments in life when your hand is horrible.

You can win anyway.

Personally, there seems to be an even greater joy in overcoming the odds, doing what people thought you could not do.

We have to learn how to play the hand we're dealt, situationally and overall. Everything you need to succeed is already inside of you. Everything that you've seen and experienced so far in life has made you the person you are today. Embrace all of the positives about you internally and externally.

I look at each suit as a lesson:

Spades ♠
A spade was originally a sword.  This year, we will have to cut off negative thinking, speaking, people and situations. Swinging a sword also means we will have to actually put some work in instead of just dreaming.

Diamonds ♦
Diamonds are made from pressure over a long period of time. We will have to learn endurance and patience. Diamonds also represent that which is valuable but hidden; remember, everything you need to succeed is already inside of you.

Clubs ♣
A club in cards is basically a clover. It's interesting that this year, the Pantone color of the year is "greenery". Enjoy life, relax. Grow. Understand that life is a process. Recharge yourself periodically with things that are healthy for your soul.

Hearts ♥
Ah, the heart, so vital. Guard your heart, but don't become bitter. Love well, including yourself. Take any negative experiences from your past and release them from your heart. Fill your heart with positivity. 

You will win.