Self-Esteem Session.


I was talking to two young ladies last night; they wanted to vent, they wanted some advice. I've known them for years, so I was ready. they mostly talked about boys. cheating, lying, etc... you know the drill. so after I let them both talk, I said okay, now let me ask y'all both a question, the same question...

on a scale of 1-10, where is your self-esteem?

one said "oh definitely a 10 shooooot" and the other said "what?! off the charts!!!" as they both did a little girly pose.

I said, no. I didn't ask you how pretty do you think you are, and you both are. I asked you where is your self-esteem... I know both of y'all, and it's not a 10. from what you just told me and what you've always told me, it's never a 10.

see, there's a difference between how you see yourself on the outside and how you see yourself on the inside.

as I said that, one girl's eyes got wide, the other girl's mouth dropped... they both said, wow, you're right, I don't see myself highly.

so I said and that's okay. because from what you know about my life, we've all settled for less and had low self-esteem. that's why we grow.

then I asked them a 2nd and 3rd question.

what are you looking for? they listed a bunch of things. I said cool, that's fair.

so I followed up with, okay, now what can you offer?


they said "umm, time?" I said time? compared to what you just listed is nothing. what is it about you that someone would want to be with? what is on the inside of you that makes you a catch? what do you do? what do you have to offer?

they thought some more, named a few things but admitted that they had never thought about it like that before.

I said you're talking to me about making an investment, but you are an investment yourself. we all are.

and then after some more lecturing, they left cheesing and in high spirits saying "this is why we talk to you". 😎