Random Thoughts: 2

some people want to be in the spotlight. some people are the light, and shine anywhere they are.

most relationships based off of emotions and sensuality don't last, because deep love is rooted in actions when you don't feel like loving.

a wise person accepts wise guidance.

poverty is many times a mindset that can't be solved with money. that's why you see many millionaire athletes go bankrupt.

sometimes a new situation is not needed; a new perspective is needed.

there's more to the world around us than what we see...

dreams and visions are a spiritual language.

emotions are meant to be indicators in our lives, not the leaders in our lives.

everyone has natural desires. we must channel them properly or the desires will eat us alive.

the more you give, the more you receive.

if you try to hold on to something that is not meant to be held, you will burn yourself.

everyone was made for a sphere of influence.

the first thing God said about himself in the bible: he is a creator. since you were made in his image, you are also a creator. create.

creativity flows like oxygen. take a deep breath. don't suffocate.

no one has the right to violate you.

everyone needs to work. everyone needs to relax. everyone needs to have fun.

don't spend your life building someone else's dream while you never realize and materialize yours.

you'll find yourself getting more money when you manage well what you already have.

a powerful voice can speak without even saying a word.

your presence can change the atmosphere of the room. a pure heart uplifts the room, a toxic heart brings the room down.

a wise person knows that they can't always be right.

truly successful people have people who they are accountable to.

sometimes not saying anything is saying a lot.