Random Thoughts.

having moments of happiness and being happy are not the same thing.

having moments of peace and living in peace are not the same thing.

a person who says they trust no one cannot be trusted.

a person's true colors will always show up on the canvas if they paint long enough.

showing forgiveness releases weights off of you.

everyone has a purpose. everyone doesn't find their purpose.

a person who positively influences people is a person who is truly alive.

independence can be good, isolation can be dangerous.

building others up is important.

be honest about yourself. be honest about others.

don't settle for less than what you are.

try not to assume you're at a higher level than you actually are.

jealousy and envy are toxic.

a good person with toxic traits will still contaminate.

don't waste your life.

sometimes listening will make you look smarter than talking.

pain can be turned into for growth.

don't turn a deaf ear to your conscience.

if you have a sense of humor, don't be afraid to show it.

sometimes you have to ask for help.

pride is a murderer.

don't make decisions in an emotional state.

genuine people are like macaroni and cheese coming out of the oven.

honor is like a gold crown.

study your family and family history to find out things about yourself.

be retrospectively aware of your subconscious.

prayer is talking to God, it is also being quiet and listening to God.

bitterness ruins your body.

keep your mind focused or you will lose it.

it may not seem like it at times, or it may not seem like it a lot of the time, but life will always end up balanced.