Preparation and Paths.

do not judge yourself in your time of preparation for greatness.

there will always be things or people that we think we want but later find out we don't want them or more importantly, need them.

pain, in perspective, can show you that you're growing in life... like growth spurts as a child in your bones.

success is walking in your purpose.

don't be ensnared and entangled in this world system that's trying to show you material things cures all or every path is easy.

many paths lead to death and I don't necessarily mean physically; you can die inside going down the wrong path. take your time.

first of all, everything you need (intangibly) to succeed is already on the inside of you. second, you need to connect to the right people.

you think your life is going nowhere during your preparation... but your life can turn around in an instant... it will get better.

getting something you want isn't good for you if you can't keep it. character building keeps what you want to get. patience and endurance.

there will be a turnaround in your life. there will be a turnaround in your life.

even the bad things that happen to you or around you can be turned around for your good.

I've lost a lot of things this year... but I always got more in return, eventually.

I've gotten more in possessions, gifts and most importantly, wisdom... after losing what I thought I wanted or even needed at that time.