talked to my granddad in Georgia... very interesting. as far back as at least my great great granddad, were ministers, preachers, teachers.

nothing in your blood is by chance.

everyone doesn't fulfill their assignment on this earth... don't be one of those people that just go thru life.

success cannot bring complete fulfillment, only purpose can... true success is a byproduct of purpose.

I had a dream a while ago, saw a very powerful man that I knew was an ancestor of mine... this is why I asked my granddad about our family. this man had crowds of people listening to him preach and teach... and then my granddad confirmed it.

how do we know success doesn't guarantee fulfillment... look at all the millionaire and billionaire suicides and divorces.

you have to have good examples to follow.

this mindset of doing everything yourself and trusting only yourself leads to a downfall. or at least leads to not reaching your highest peak.

it's not hard. look at the fruit of someone's life. we idolize movie stars and musicians but most go on an endless cycle of dating or divorce.

if someone isn't a complete package you need to pick and choose what to follow about their life.

for instance: let's say you admire someone famous. their work ethic is amazing, cool. follow that example. not their love life, they can never settle down.

what you want and need in life, you need to find examples of people who are where you want to be so you can grow. particularly in real life.

I like that tweet where the girl said her mom and grandma or aunt said don't trust no man but they're single. she's not trying to be single.

if a man works hard, that's a great example for me to look at. if he doesn't treat his wife right, I can't get with that.

you can't listen to someone about making money and they're broke.

you need to watch people and learn.

you need to listen to people who know what they're talking about.

I know some lowkey millionaires... I'm listening to them about finances. I'm not trusting my own decisions because right now I'm broke.

you stay to yourself in all aspects of life and see how far you go. not far.

I don't know what a bad year is anymore because I listen to wise people.

you don't have to have a bad year, or an unproductive one.

you're tired of getting your heart broken... stop listening to your circle of fast friends and get around some happily married couples.