Life Building You Up.

One of the reasons I stay on the right path is there are so many people who ask me about theirs. Recently there have been a lot of young people wondering why life is the way it is for them right now. I had two more approach me tonight.

Our lifestyles sometimes can cause destruction, but, that's not the case with most of the people I've talked to in the past few days.

Stop trying to figure out if you did something wrong, or where did something go wrong... you did nothing wrong... it's life building you up.

The more influence you were created to have on this earth, the more things you will go through; wisdom is learning from those things.

"If life was easy you wouldn't learn anything".

That's what I said to a girl tonight and she lit up; her heaviness left. Her mom said "thank you" from the car window, I had no idea she heard the conversation. I guess she had tried talking to her.

See here's what I'm learning about telling people the truth. Truth is, life isn't doom and gloom but it is not a peaches and cream fairy tale. When you tell people the truth about life and its challenges in addition to the assurance of victory if you don't waiver, it's comforting.