Friend and Enemy.

Jesus called Judas "friend", even when he knew his heart and intentions.

Matthew 26:50

keep your friends close and your enemies closer, is a very true statement.

even when someone close to you can't be trusted, play the game. play it smooth.

I've been in situations where I told the person I know your heart. and we stayed close.

see, when someone is under the influence of evil, they can be both a friend and an enemy at the same time. they have lost control of their soul.

but God will handle everything. I know.

what I am not saying is stay in an abusive relationship or anything like that.

but when it comes to people who don't mean you no good in general, don't jump to defend yourself. don't play dumb, but be wise and play along.

God always handles those situations.

God has a unique way of using people and things that have come against you to actually help you and show people not only who he is, but who you are: His child.

Psalm 23:5