Better Half Expectations

a lot of single women tweeting about how they won't fix plates for men. that's why you don't have someone to not fix a plate for.

a lot of ppl need to brace themselves for a long single or unhappily married/conjoined life... because too many have core values missing.

let's shift to the way boys up here think for a second...

boys on here call women out of their name all day every day but a queen, and want a woman with the traits of a queen. not going to happen.

boys on here tweet nothing but licking this and eating that and oh is it shaved is it fat. you won't attract the woman you say you want.

grow up.

boys on here tweet like horny little boys. because they're horny little boys. but want a grown woman.

too many ppl want to withdraw an ideal virtuous significant other from the bank of life when their account has no values.

you have no values. you have low morals. but you want someone that does. they teach math in elementary school.

now here's the problem with a lot of little girls on here...

and when I say "on here" I really mean what I see on here, facebook, tangible life in person, all that.

too many girls think life is all about them. the sun does not revolve around you. all you say is "I need, I want, me me me" stay lonely.

too many girls spew long lists of expectations from a man like santa is real but never talk about what they would do for the man. hmm.

don't feel bad if you're admitting to any of this, recognition is the first step to growth.

another reason a lot of girls stay single and/or lonely... yall just bitter. harboring hurt. release it.

dudes can sense when a woman is deeply bitter from the past and many times will just avoid yall.

too many women have this "take me as I am" mentality. well no. we as all ppl should have it mostly together internally before relationships.

another reason yall ladies single and/or miserable. all you are showing is what you have to offer on the outside. sex appeal. thirst traps.

you're lusty. you will attract a person that is lusty. and when the lust runs out now you're back to square one.

all you do is submit twitpics of your body.

do you go to school? do you have a degree? do you work? do you breathe? is there anything more to you than a butt and breasts?

to elaborate on we as all ppl should have it mostly together internally; we need to know who we are and have a handle on our personalities.

you can't know what you want if you don't even know who you are.

there's a difference between someone you want and someone you need.

a relationship is supposed to be two mature individuals. not babysitting.

there are too many of us that say we want this glorious type person but act like filth.

too many of us only worry about what someone can do for us and not what we can do for them, or better yet, do together.

all you're thinking about is looks and sex... you're not even thinking about how that person might not like anything you're working towards.

real women don't want a man with no vision.

real men don't want a woman that can't support and expand upon his vision.

I'm done. where's the pizza.