Bigger Than Yourself.

Ever since I was a child, I’ve thought about life. I think about how life is bigger than what many think, deeper than what many see, and richer than what many experience. One of the keys to having a fulfilling life is realizing that life does not revolve around you.

You are very special and uniquely designed, even individually designed, but we are all connected. Everybody has a story, but we’re all a part of one story. To live life in isolation robs yourself of the intimacy you were created for and deeply desire. One can live in isolation situationally, emotionally, mentally, etc.

When we are being selfish instead of selfless, we are blind to the bigger picture. No amount of anything obtained on this earth can satisfy your soul for long. This is why we see a lot of the rich and famous still struggle with depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, heartbreak, disappointment, and everything else any human can go through. We came in this world with nothing, and we will leave with nothing. I’m not talking about legacy and inheritance, I’m talking about just us, just me, just you. We’re all human.

Our dreams are too small if they don’t help other people in some way. If our goals and ambitions primarily and mostly only benefit ourselves, we’re not thinking big enough. Think about the most successful people in the world today, and in history. You know someone famous in just about every category of profession and occupation there is in our culture. Inventors, creators, communicators, helpers, healers, caregivers, soldiers, singers, entertainers, leaders, peacemakers, owners, influencers, and so many more. You know these people because they impact people. Fame isn’t important, but impact is, and you can have an impact no matter how many people know your name or how much you make.

It’s easy to lose the will to live when you only focus on yourself. It’s easy to give up on life when you are your only concern. It’s easy to settle for less when you think no one can benefit from your impact in their life.

There’s an added level of stamina and strength when you realize and live by the fact that life is bigger than you. And you can play an important part. If you humble yourself, your life can soar to greater heights than you ever imagined. What will your life mean when it’s over?

Life can be full of pleasure, connection, intimacy, fun, financial stability, and so much more. We have to know that life is too big to just be focusing on ourselves. What can I contribute to the human race? What value can I add to the people in my sphere? What is in me that needs to be poured out?