Because It Feels Right.


The same black people who joke white people about incest are the same ones who listen to rappers glorify threesomes with girls who are related to each other, as well as love those identical twins on Instagram kissing and grope each other.

Sexual perversion is creeping in so swiftly most of us don't even realize it.

If you listen to all these rappers rap about having sex with girls who are sisters/cousins, then you can't look down on Jim Bob marrying his cousin Betty Ann.

Now let's talk about all people...

If we don't have sexual boundaries, we will fall apart.

We just follow what our body says and wonder why we're broken...

Your body doesn't have a moral compass, that's why you need to protect your mind and your heart. It's not about how your body feels.

If one thing is okay, then why can't the next thing and the next thing be okay if that's how your body feels? And eventually your mind.

I can't look at those twin girls kissing each other, my body says yes, but then I remember they're sisters, among other things. Abort, abort.

Some years ago this one girl who was flirting with me looked so good to me until I found out she was my cousin.

We have to have sexual boundaries. Anything goes leads to death; heartbreak, brokenness, loss of identity. Death.

What did R. Kelly say about his body and mind?

Trusting your body and nothing else, sexually, is illogical; theoretically speaking, you could be having great sex in the dark and find out it's your parent.

Also, people don't look their age. You could be sleeping with an underage person by the logic of do how you feel. So no, following your body isn't the move.

Now watch this.

This post isn't exclusively about incest or pedophilia.

It's about a myriad of sexual indulgences and choices we make that we have become desensitized to and eventually embrace as a lifestyle because it "feels right".