Are You Alive?

many times, having a "bad year" is connected to the fact that we haven't made any positive moral lifestyle changes from the previous year.

a lot of us are living lifestyles and doing things that only bring temporary satisfaction, so over time, the downtime adds up to a bad year.

when it comes to a destructive lifestyle 2+2 will always be 4. as much as I like rihanna, even she admitted her life felt empty. (to oprah)

why do so many celebs we look up to get divorces, or frustrated over contracts or even commit suicide...

there is a wide path of a certain lifestyle that brings death... whether that be physically, spiritually, emotionally...

a lot of us are dead and don't even realize it.

depression is a path to death.
low self esteem is a path to death.
confusion is a path to death.
anger is a path to death.
lack of sense of purpose is a path to death.
pride is a path to death.
jealousy is a path to death.
envy is a path to death.
greed is a path to death.
lust is a path to death.

don't you want to feel alive? instead of wishing you weren't.

if there was a pull on your heart that means God wants more out of you.

if something stirred up in your brain that means God wants more out of you.

millionaires getting cheated on... the life that is portrayed in the media is not the whole story nor is it healthy for your soul.

the problem with a lot of us is we get too comfortable.

we're hurting but we're gonna keep doing things that hurt us because it's comfortable.

talking to the same person or type of person that hurts us because it's comfortable.

going to the same places or doing the same things that only satisfy a lustful desire for a moment because it's comfortable. still empty.

lust fills our hearts but leaves us empty in our hearts. how does that happen?

money runs the world and it's important but it won't keep you happy. only seek money for the system not for complete happiness.

get a degree for the system and to play the game... don't get one to define who you are.

God defines who you are. no God, no definition. ("defines who you are" means the fullness of what God made you for. you can define yourself all you want)

that's why a lot of us are trying to find out who we are.

we could be walking in our talent and still not know who we are.

a lot of ppl in church have religion and no God.

we won't prosper in our lives until we step outside of ourselves and realize we are not supposed to be the authority of our lives.

what do I mean by stepping outside of ourselves... we didn't give ourselves life so how can we expect to know everything about it.

"following your heart" can lead to heartbreak.

we can think too much.

we can overthink and abort a blessing.

that's what faith is. believing God, the creator of a universe that we could never duplicate, knows better than our small minds.

we wanna do everything ourselves. we wanna figure out everything ourselves. we wanna be responsible for our own success. not wise.

we don't even want to listen to humans in our own personal lives that have a wealth of wisdom.

we might even be too blind to realize when someone in our own personal lives has wisdom.

we learn from mistakes but how much can we learn from the same mistake over and over again.

a succession of the same mistake is no longer a mistake it's a lifestyle choice now.

are we living a lifestyle that actually gives us permanent satisfaction.

we have to say to ourselves, you know what, I don't know everything... let me listen to wisdom.

we have too much information in this day and age with no wisdom.