Today I accidentally used body wash as shampoo. That has nothing to do with this lesson.

A lot of us don't want to be accountable to anyone. We say things like we don't have to listen to anybody, we do what we want, etc. That's a dangerous place to be. And actually,  we're all accountable in some way anyway. So it's not true. Whether it's the law, family or relationships, we are accountable to someone. Even if you break the law and you are in jail or prison, you have to do what they say in there.

I used to wonder why rich and famous people like Oprah, Mark Zuckerburg, Bill Gates, etc. have teams around them. They understand the principle; to be truly great we have to realize what is on the inside of us is not just for us.

There's this guy in the bible, 1st Kings, chapter 12, by the name of Rehoboam, son of Solomon. Instead of listening to the older wiser people, he listened to his childhood friends. He was a king that had a major downfall because of that. Friends are important, but look at the life of a person to determine if they are someone who can hold you accountable. What does this mean? It means they're a voice in your life for potential correction and confiding in.

I believe 4 things happen when we allow ourselves to be held accountable.

Accountability allows us to be:

1. Principled: We don't have moral anymore. Whether it's toddlers or people in general, you don't have to teach them how to do wrong, you have to teach them how to do right.

2. Protected: It's hard to get into trouble when we allow ourselves to answer to someone. This prevents outside harm in the form of dangerous or compromising situations or us doing things to ourselves.

3. Productive: Accountability allows for better or additional ideas. Think about a business. The most successful people, like someone we named earlier, are not one man shows anymore. We don't seek the counsel of anyone else, we miss out on ideas and perspectives. This is why many of us wonder why we're not moving up in life.

4. Promoted: When you are productive, you are promoted. Promotion can come in the form of a new position at a job, new feeling peace, good grades, getting married, having a greater marriage, the list goes on...

But we have to listen. We can have people speak into our lives all day, but if we don't listen and apply wisdom, we will not grow.