I want to address some groups of ppl.
I want to address the ppl that are hurting, sad, and don't know why.
I want to address the ppl that are content with life but feel like there's more.
I want to address the ppl that say "all sins are equal".
I want to address the ppl that use religion to condemn ppl.
I want to address the ppl that use corrupted religion as an excuse to do what they please.

there's a whole lot of good advice going around on twitter, television, google, books... but there are still hurting or curious ppl.

whether we know it or wish to acknowledge it or not, God has made us so we desire to know who he is.

that emptiness we feel is the lack of relationship we have with God.

religion is not relationship with God.

that pondering of is there more to life is us wondering who or what is this "God".

now there are some reasons why our knowledge or relationship is blocked off from God.

God is mysterious but he's not unsearchable.

we have to seek God, a lot of us don't understand that.

but we seek everything else under the sun and beyond, like other galaxies but a lot of those scientists still have no answer for your life.

it is a natural human instinct for satisfaction and fulfillment... so we try to fill the void in our life with many things.

there are many ways, good and bad, that we try to fill that void in our life.

some of us try to fill our lives with money, drugs, partying, sex with everyone, alcohol.

some of us try to fill our lives with achievements, awards, accolades and degrees.

some of us try to fill our lives with creativity, art, music.

some of us try to fill our lives with relationships, friendships, family.

some of us try to fill our lives with working, jobs, careers.

some of us try to fill our lives with food, naps, sleep.

some of us try to fill our lives with adventures, surfing, sports, traveling, shopping.

but we are still empty, we are still wondering what is life.

while obviously some of these are not good for us, and others are very good for us... none of them completely, positively, fill that void.

there are a lot of successful, sad ppl.

there are a lot of knowledgeable ppl, that don't speak to your heart.

there are a lot of accomplished individuals with dimness in their eyes.

God wants us to do and have nice things, but when we are in relationship with him is when those things have a purpose and we have substance.

God knows "things" and "stuff" and "people" won't make us as happy (ultimately).

who do you think made you? you don't think the being that made you cares about your life? every single beat of your heart? every tear you've ever cried? every object you've ever broken in anger? you don't think that the being that formed you doesn't care about you?

why do bad things happen? why did he bring us in this world knowing bad things could happen? why do we have to seek him? 

because he gave us free will, he didn't make us as robots. why did our parents decide to have us? why do we continue to have kids knowing that some of us die in car accidents or become serial killers? because we trust that our love and guidance will bypass all of that and we will have long, healthy, great lives.

and honestly, a lot of the "bad" in our world is by our own doing. we want to remove God from everything but wonder why bad things happen? remove God from schools and wonder why so many more schools are being shot up?

God is not disrespectful. he won't force you to do anything you do not want to do.

there's a difference between happiness and peace. a lot of us don't have peace. things or ppl that make us happy for a time don't hold peace in our heart. you might be going through something that you're not happy about but peace let's you be super chill about it.

peace makes sure you sleep at night.

holy: having a spiritually pure quality.
righteous: morally right or justifiable.

God is a holy god, a righteous god and a pure god. if he wasn't, you wouldn't even be in awe of him.

the words "holy" and "righteous" are simple words but now scare ppl because religion has turned them into manipulation tools.

make no mistake though, if we are not in relationship with God, if we are not spiritually pure and morally right, true life fulfillment will allude us.

the word "sin" means to miss the mark. I think the word has mostly become a religious word and that turns some ppl's ears off. it definitely turned my ears off in the past.

religion can be dangerous.

God made man, man made religion, religion doesn't make God.

religion in its true pure form is supposed to be a belief system, a cultural system, and idea system about how the world and universe works.

religion is supposed to be used as a teaching system, essentially. not manipulation and condemnation like it has become.

religion, for the most part, has turned into a tool of manipulation.

bad religion doesn't give us the keys to do what we please, however. as God is not a religion.

a bad religious experience or bad religious ppl shouldn't keep us away from wanting to know God and live by God.

I almost drowned when I was a kid, so naturally now, I'm not a fan of water. but for me not to drink it would be unhealthy for me.

had friends die by the gun, but if someone broke into my house I'm not gonna not use a gun because of the bad experiences I've had from guns.

and why do we need teaching on God? on life? it's crazy how we get taught how to read, write, do math, but when it comes to God/life we want to do it on our own.

we have military, greek organizations, jobs and companies with ranks, but we want to float through life freely when it comes to God.

"live your life" as do what you please, leads to death.

being "free" many times is actually bondage. we're living free, hooked on drugs, porn, stealing. an addiction isn't freedom.

look at the evidence. look deep into the heart, life, or mind of someone who is trying to do it without God and see where that leads.

rich but suicidal.
healthy but bored.
happy but sad.
pretty but lonely.
parents but divorced.

God is perfect. and he has already placed gifts and talents inside of you to use for him and others.

if you're living a pretty decent life but still wondering is there more to life... it's because you need to tap into what can you do for God and other ppl.

bad religious experiences happened to Jesus, so they will happen to us.

a lot of religious ppl tried to physically kill Jesus, so they will try to spiritually or mentally kill you.

but that doesn't mean you turn away from God, either because of discouragement or just you wanting to live your life how you want.

Jesus broke a lot of religious rules.

Jesus assembled his disciples from notorious sinners.

Jesus did not assemble his disciples from religious ppl.

Jesus ate with sinners and the religious ppl talked about him.

I'd rather go to ihop with cocaine dealers than watch football with religious men that are married with girlfriends on the side.


a lot of religious ppl say to me "I don't see you a lot"... now you know why.

I'm serious about this thing and I am not entertaining religious ppl that live double lives and cause so many onlookers to turn away from God. yall are trash.

either you're in or you're out, it's that simple.

you ever get tired of ppl walking in and out of your room, or your front door... it's like get in or get out.

too many religious folk that are in and out. you don't represent God.

now Jesus eating with sinners, a lot of religious ppl will use that as a ticket to frequent the club. that's not what it means.

it means this; Jesus said to the religious ppl "healthy ppl don't need a doctor, sick ppl do. I have come to call sinners, not those tho think they are already good enough".

in other words, God would rather use a person that knows they need to get it right, over a religious person that thinks they don't need help.


Jesus healed ppl on the sabbath day, which was against religious law.

so are all sins equal? hmm, well...

God never said "all sins are equal". all sin separates us from God and lead to "death" but in different ways.

like as a child, being bad in any way led to punishment... but sometimes it was grounding, sometimes it was a whooping.

breaking all laws can lead to being locked up... but depending on what you did and how often you did it... you could be locked up with tv, visits and priviliges and getting out in 3 months or 23 hour lock down for life.

what is your record? do you even care how God sees you? forget the religious ppl.

last week I had court. another dude came for the same reason I did. he had to pay big, I got off. because my record wasn't as bad as his.

sin can, in addition to sinning against God, be sinning against another person.

what is sin? like I said, it means to miss the mark.

God didn't make a list of rules because he's power hungry, he instructed a set of guidelines to make us aware of what sin really is.

sin can destroy your confidence, your self-esteem, your self-worth, your thinking, your emotions.

sin isn't just "omg don't disobey God"... sin can hurt your own self.

sin can also simply mean, doing what's wrong when you know what's right.

all sins lead to the same fate, eternally, but here on this earth, all sins are not equal.

a life of theft and a life of murder both lead to the same destination, but which one took away lives from this earth.

sinning unknowingly and sinning knowingly have different repercussions.

how do you know if you're doing right or wrong? fall under sound teaching.

when ppl say "all sins are equal" or "we all sin" be careful it's not in the heart of "I wanna do what I want".

a sin, and a sinful lifestyle are two different things.

everyone sins, we all sin, yes... but what is your lifestyle. is it on purpose. do you choose it.

lifestyle, what is your lifestyle.

pay attention to that word, lifestyle.

I'll give yall 3 levels of sin.

level 1 sin: lied to bae.
level 2 sin: (trangression) keep lying to bae.
level 3 sin: (iniquity) I don't care if I lie to bae that's all bae gon hear is these lies.

God is our source. on this earth, sin separates us, by our own doing, from God, spiritually.

it's not God saying get away from me you piece of filth, rather, it's him saying please come back. it's the religious folk saying "get away from me you piece of filth"... stay away from them but don't stay away from God.

we all started with God, he wants us to finish with him. and it's for our own well-being, success, happiness.

but every time we sin we separate ourselves from God, the source. and just like a phone with no charger, we eventually die (spiritually) and we wonder why we wonder is there more to life.

Jesus told ppl not to sin and they were healed. we are crippling ourselves, making our own selves sick because of wrong choices.

we only have a certain capacity in our being... we need to remove things that don't belong if we want more of God, which will lead to understanding of our life.

to repent means to turn away from sin, and choose not to. to change your mind about your lifestyle. repent doesn't mean run around and shout 8 times doing cartwheels, speaking in tongues.

God never told us to be sinless, he wants us to be blameless. that's not a ticket to live how we want tho.

none of us are sinless... but blameless means... I'm living this life by God the best way possible and I am not looking to do wrong.

aren't you tired of running around in circles.

a lot of religion has gotten away from the simple truths of life, which is why so many ppl are hurting and lost.

Jesus had to tell religious ppl is it better to uphold religious law or see ppl actually be healed?

Jesus reminded religious ppl of a time when King David gave the priests' bread to his hungry friends, which broke the religious law.

just think.